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Users can now view dynamic groundwater levels in their area in real time in the form of maps or plot graphs, on E-terroir. A water balance is calculated daily by the IFV WaLIS model.

This data is accessible on Techniloire and covers the Loire Valley winegrowing regions that are currently mapped – but even if your area is not included, we still invite you to come and take a look.

When E-terroir was redesigned, the groundwater reserve level was added to the interactive maps showing the characteristics of the terroirs in the 171 municipalities of the Loire wine region already covered.

Besides helping you make the right technical decisions for optimizing vine management and enhancing the winegrowing potential of a terroir, E-terroir now also enables you to assess the groundwater reserve in your soil in real time. A water balance is calculated daily by the IFV’s WaLIS model based on the soil characteristics in E-terroir, as well as weather data at D and D+7 of the area considered.

Map view… This new data can be viewed in the form of maps of groundwater reserve levels generated, like the other E-terroir maps, down to the scale of individual plots. Spatialized weather data down to the scale of 1km² provided by the IVF makes it possible to dynamically monitor the development of groundwater levels. These maps are updated daily (maps of current and forecast groundwater reserve levels at D+7)
…or plot view By clicking on your plot, you will be able to view the development of groundwater reserve levels since the start of the growing cycle in the form of a graph. You will also be able to simulate the impact of different plant cover rates (0%, 25%, 50% or 100% grass cover) and compare the groundwater reserve levels of several plots, or compare the current level of your plot with that of previous vintages.

E-terroir was developed in 2013 by InterLoire in collaboration with the Terroirs Viticoles unit (IFV). The ESA School of Agriculture in Angers and IFV joined forces with InterLoire to implement the new “Water balance” feature.