French Wine and Vine Institute  IFV

IFV (French Wine and Vine Institute) is the French technical institute of R&D for vine and wine and is governed by a board members representing all professionals of the wine industry. IFV’s role is to implement applied research projects and transfer acquired technology and knowledge to the French wine sector.

150 people, including 90 engineers, offer a wide range of expertise covering all the areas needed for wine production from the vine plant to the glass of wine: vine plant selection and production, ampelography, vine diseases and protection, organic vine and wine production, agroecological viticulture, oenology, agronomic itineraries, microbiology, wine making processes, mechanisation and robotics, etc. Laboratories are officially recognized for agronomy and oenology trials or studies. 

Established in 18 research centers located in the main French wine producing regions, its multidisciplinary teams exploit experimental facilities (field trials, wineries, technological platforms). As a result, IFV has a role of interface between professionals and research teams, with a good innovating capacity, and transfer of research results to wine industry.

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