Wine process

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The issue of endocrine disruptors is a subject of debate in the agri-food sector and questioning for consumers through the media. Among these compounds, some of the family of phthalates, are used in the composition of some materials used in wineries.
This makes it a worrying issue in terms of image and safety.

The objective ok this work was to identify the sources of phthalates and the factors favoring their diffusion in wines to propose preventive and curative solutions to the wine makers.
The modalities were therefore selected in different French wine regions to represent the diversity of oenological practices.
This survey also led to examine more thoroughly the parameters involved in the situations that favored migration of the highest levels.
Additional experiments were performed specifically on certain sources or contributing factors. The first identified sources include epoxy resin, fiberglass reinforced polyester as well as PVC materials (pipes …). Favorable factors include alcohol content, temperature, duration and contact area.

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