Project Smartakis

Project Title : Smart farming thematic network : European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) towards innovation-driven research in Smart Farming Technology
Funding : H2020 - ISIB 02-2015
Duration : 2016-2018
Coordination : Agricultural University of Athens
Status IFV : Partner (Third party of ACTA)

Summary :

Smart-AKIS Network will:
•    Create and disseminate an inventory of direct applicable solutions from the large stock of research results and commercial applications in Smart Farming in Europe, tailored to the needs of farmers.  
•    Foster the collaboration between the farmer community, extension and advisory services, research and Smart Farming technology providers for the promotion of new innovation projects and processes for the development of new Smart Farming solutions taking into consideration end-users’ needs and interests.  

Such approach will take place both at regional level, in 7 Innovation Hubs located in France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and UK, as well as at a European wide level, as the online Smart Farming Community Platform will facilitate the dissemination of results and interaction between stakeholders, and being compatible with the EIP-AGRI Service Point, will ensure the long term accessibility of results.

Smart AKIS is a so called Thematic Network, a particular format of multi-actor projects promoted by EIP-AGRI and funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.
As a Thematic Network on Smart Farming, it will collect existing but insufficiently used scientific knowledge and best practices, making it ready to be used by practitioners through accessible and understandable materials, resources and tools that will enrich the EIP-AGRI database with concrete solutions that farmers can easily implement.

Specific Objectives of the Network are, to:
1.    Create an inventory of direct applicable solutions from the large stock of research results and commercial applications.
2.    Assess end-user needs and interests, and identify factors influencing adoption taking into account regional/national specificities.
3.    Generate multi-actor, innovation-based collaborations among different stakeholders.
4.    Set up of an ICT tool for the on-line assessment of the Smart Farming Technology solutions and the crowdsourcing of grassroots-level ideas and needs.
5.    Liaise with EIP-AGRI and its structures.
Smart AKIS is composed of 13 partners from 8 countries, representing academia and research, farmers associations and cooperatives, advisory and extension services and the agricultural equipment industry.

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