Project Title : Innovative low impact distribution system for sparkling wine
Duration : January 2017-july 2019
Coordination : CG INDUSTRY
Status IFV : Partner

Summary :
Ecofass-Vin is a collaborative project for developing a innovative solution for storing and distributing local and regional wines. The project is coordinated by a French SME (CG Industry), and 5 partners are contributing (3 swiss, 2 French) and cover the whole value chain to develop and distribute this solution.
The Swiss vineyard covers 14820 hectares mainly constituted by Chasselas grape cultivated by small wineries. This old cultivar is emblematic of the regions’ terroir.
The Swiss Chasselas wine is sparking and needs adapted conditioning systems. CGindustry, a company specialized in plastic containers and food industry, who has developed an innovative conditioning system for the beer industry (“Ecofass”) wants to adapt this system to the wine industry. The idea is to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly conditioning system. The system aims to preserve the quality of the wines and use less sulfites.
Under the supervision of the Changins School and the “Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne” in Switzerland and with the environmental evaluation expertise of the French Wine and Vine Institute (IFV), CG industry wants to develop, with BIBARIUM company specialised in Bag-in-boxes conditionning, this promising solution to reduce distribution costs and environmental impacts.
IFV’s role is to improve and validate the ecobalance of the whole production and distribution chain, and transfer the results to the French Savoie and Jura vineyards.

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