Project COST ACTION FA 1303

Project Title : Sustainable control of grapevine trunk diseases
Funding : COST ACTION (FA1303)
Duration : 2013-2017
Coordination : Université Reims Champagne Ardennes (URCA)
Status IFV : Partner

Summary :

The goal of this Action is to develop a network of European expertise to improve understanding of GTD by acquiring knowledge on occurrence of pathogens, vine-pathogen interaction, ecology of wood-inhabiting microorganisms, and to develop new management protocols and biocontrol approaches.
This COST Action gathers leading multidisciplinary academic researchers and institutes within Europe to propose new recommendations for the management of GTD and establish Europe as a world leader in GTD research to safeguard vineyards. This knowledge will be promoted in an effort to increase knowledge and awareness of the problem by disseminating information to end-users and authorities in the viticulture sector, and to the general public.

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