Project Winetwork

Project Title : European thematic network on grapevine trunk diseases and Flavescence dorée
Funding : H2020 -ISIB -2-2014 (grant agreement N°652601)
Duration :  2014-2017
Coordination : IFV
Status IFV : Coordinator

Summary :

WINETWORK is a European collaborative project for the exchange and transfer of innovative knowledge between European wine-growing regions to increase the productivity and sustainability of the sector. For 3 years, 11 partners of 7 European countries will exchange on their knowledge on two important diseases in vineyard: grapevine trunk diseases and Flavesence dorée. These diseases are well-known in many vineyards and have been extending for several years in different European countries, so it has a big economic importance in the European wine industry. As many winegrowers are testing innovative and sustainable approaches to fight against these diseases, it is very beneficial to capture these ideas and to share them between European countries. The project approach is based on interactions between a network of facilitator agents, regional working groups and two scientific working groups. This participatory approach will allow transferring results from science and practical knowledge to materials adapted to end-users. This network will promote interactions between scientists and practitioners to gather and share experiences and knowledge of different actors from the main wine producing European regions. The project will also identify the most important topics to be addressed after the end of the project, offering important replication opportunities and sustainability of the created network.

WINETWORK project will directly and regularly involve around 180 people to collect, identify and synthesize best practices and research results from all Europe in order to present and share it to the whole community.

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