Project Topps Prowadis

Project Title : Train Operators to Promote Best Management Practices and Sustainability
Funding : ECPA European Crop Protection Agency
Duration : 2012-2014
Coordination : ECPA European Crop Protection Agency
Status IFV : Partner

Summary :

The TOPPS prowadis project started 2012 and ended 2014 and has the aim to reduce Plant Protection Product (PPP) entries into surface water from applications in the field. It builds on the TOPPS – Life project (point sources) and has its focus on aspects related to runoff / erosion and spray drift. The project is executed in 7 countries with the help of 13 local partners and crop protection experts from ECPA.

Project tasks:
•    Develop diagnosis tools to enable a risk analysis practical and applicable in the field
•    Develop a toolbox of mitigation measures appropriate for variable farming situations
•    Recommend Best Management Practices (BMPs)
•    Discuss BMPs and tools with a broad group of stakeholders in national and European forums to achieve broad acceptance and support
•    Develop information and training materials for advisers and operators
•    Organize trainings and demonstrate mitigation measures (pilot areas)
•    Disseminate materials and key information through media (print, video, pictures, web etc)

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