Project Pure

Project Title : Innovative Crop Protection for Sustainable Agriculture
Funding : FP7 (contract number 265865)
Duration : 2011-2015
Coordination : INRA
Status IFV : Partner (Third party of ACTA)

Summary :

The overall objective of PURE is to provide practical IPM solutions to reduce dependence on pesticides in selected major farming systems in Europe, thereby contributing to a reduction of the risks to human health and the environment and facilitating the implementation of the pesticides package legislation while ensuring continued food production of sufficient quality.

PURE provided integrated pest management (IPM) solutions and a practical toolbox for their implementation in key European farming systems (annual arable and vegetable, perennial, and protected crops) in which reduction of pesticide use and better control of pests will have major effects.

For each of six selected farming systems, PURE will combine existing methods with new tools and technologies into novel IPM solutions addressing the biological, agronomical and economical diversity in Europe. The process relies on a generic methodological package and on six activities dedicated to the six farming systems, in which a design-assessment-adjustment cycle will be adopted to ensure continuous validation and improvement of the IPM solutions.

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