Project Ecowinery

Project Title : ECOWINERY
Funding : Leonardo Da Vinci
Duration : 2012-2014
Coordination :IFV
Status IFV : Coordinator

Summary :

The ECOWINERY project aimed to provide methodological tools for eco-building conception of wineries to growers, winemakers, domain managers, technical consulting, architects or teachers and students in viticulture (initial and continuing training).

IFV has already partially content General training, which was structured around five independent modules:

•    Module 1: Energy and regulatory contexts.
•    Module 2: Architectural approach and eco-design.
•    Module 3: Energy approach related to construction industries (geothermal and solar energy, heat pump, green walls and rooftops) and thermal recovery.
•    Module 4: Optimisation of water use in wineries, especially through landscaping, such as reed beds for effluent treatment.
•    Module 5: Follow-up and evaluation of a winery eco-design project and its environmental impact.

A summary of these five modules has been conducted to define the content of awareness module. However, eco-design issues are specific and different depending on the specifics of each cellar, it is impossible to develop a single general documentation, which would not allow a transfer of effective innovation.

The modules and training tools have therefore been transfered to the local context. Under the project, each partner was responsible for the technical implementation of the training, adapted to the specific characteristics of the basement, ground and environment (topography, water access, outdoor environment) or participants. audience. The modules are now available on the e-learning platform. This 27 months project aimed to educate and train professionals to a new and innovative concept, but also to give all possible keys for interested persons to implement it in viticulture and widely in agriculture (such as breweries, dairies, farming).

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