Project Adfimax®

Project Title : Demonstration of innovative filter aid technology to reduce undesirable substances (pesticides and mycotoxins) in beverages such as wine and beer
Funding : FP7 SME
Duration : 2012-2014
Coordination : REALDYME SA
Status IFV : Partner

Summary :

Project Context and Objectives:

ADFIMAX® is demonstrating the production scale up and the commercial potential of a selective filter aid that was the foreground of a previous FP7 program: DEMYBE.

The design and valuation of production process scale-up has been completed. An improved continuous processing unit is under construction and is expected to be fully operational in the autumn. A scale up micronisation unit has also been installed. These progressive developments have allowed the streamlining of the process and the more efficient utilisation of in-house drying and processing facilities. In addition bulk solvent levels have been considerably reduced, diminishing on going operational risk.

Project Results:

Market application demonstration has successfully taken place on increasingly large quantities of wine (1.000 l) in France. These large scale test (5) did not encounter trouble concerning all major filtration parameters: pressure, speed, volume, quality of filtration, taste, ….. The majority of filtration trials have been carried out using body feed techniques but considerable progress has also been made in the production of effective filter sheet media. Initial test with filter-sheet demonstrated a better than expected selective filtration (removal of OTA and pesticides) so this route to the market is now also confirmed.

Regulatory work was achieved by the submission of a full dossier to the French food administration (DGCCRF) and to the German institute Fresenius. This body of work has led to the acceptance of Adfimax materials as a safe food contact agent by German Federal and US Food and Drug Authorities.

Potential Impact:

The coming months will see a continued expansion of all these programmes resulting in large scale production and even wider evaluation of our product. Central to this work will be the development of an appropriate business model capable of delivering the benefits of the Adfimax® system to the widest possible markets. Clearly this model will focus on the exploitation of filter media but it will also encompass wider potential process enhancements including the exploitation of secondary metabolites and other phyto chemical components already isolated from the principal production stream.

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