Guide for Agroecology in Viticulture and its tools on line

The "Guide for agroecology in viticulture", developed by IFV and INAO, aims to provide technical benchmarks for all winegrowers who wish to develop their practices, either individually or in a collective setting, in order to initiate or deepen an agri-environmental approach.

Conceived in a very practical way, this Guide brings together simple application measures to accompany the sector towards sustainable and efficient production systems.

5 agroecological themes for viticulture
  1. Preservation and development of biodiversity
  2. Control and reduction of fertilization
  3. Reduce the use of pesticides and development of biocontrol
  4. Seek better water management
  5. Use of plant material more adapted to the challenges of agroecology.

The "Guide for Agroecology in viticulture" is available in French version downloadable since the beginning of 2017 on the IFV website. Download the guide

The guide was complemented by two on-line tools developed in French.
They aim to refine the agro-ecological strategy in a local context and a dynamics of territory. See

The pedagogical tool

For reading landscapes and the impacts of agro-ecological orientations and agri-environmental measures on a typical landscape.

> See the pedagogical tool

The compass tool

This tool is made to situate or determine the agro-ecological approach that has already been initiated or to be envisaged - by the winegrower, the winegrowers' group or the ODG - according to 3 main orientations with the choice of the corresponding agri-environmental measures:

  1. Verification of regulatory compliance
  2. Guidance on agri-environmental measures-types INAO (Transposable in the specifications of the ODGs in simplified procedure)
  3. General orientation on the 5 agro-ecological themes

> See the compass tool

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